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What is ABA?

How can ABA therapy help your child?

Learn about the proven effective therapy we offer.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is widely recognized as the single most effective treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder. It is a science of human behavior that has established standard principles that can be used for interventions to assist with reducing problem behaviors while increasing the desired.


Although ABA has specific techniques that can be used, we are able to gear these interventions in a unique way that best fits and works for each individual child.

Our skilled therapists work effectively to teach new skills like communication, independent living skills and social skills.

How can ABA help my child on the autism spectrum?

​ABA therapy can help children with ASD, intellectual disability, and other developmental differences live more fulfilling, independent lives.


Children who receive ABA therapy from Chase Behavior Solutions work one-on-one with trained therapists to develop and improve the following:

  • Play skills

  • Motor skills

  • Communication skills

  • Eliminating unsafe behaviors like eloping

  • Independent bathroom, hygiene, and self-care skills

  • Emotional regulation

  • Social skills

  • Creating & maintaining friendships

  • Self-advocacy

What's included in our ABA services:

Comprehensive Consultations & Assessment

We offer each child an initial comprehensive assessment and evaluation.  The comprehensive assessment includes a complete functional applied behavior analysis assessment provided by a highly trained and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Behavior Consultations

Our Applied Behavior Analysis consultation services include as needed:

  • Center based evaluations and behavior management sessions

  • In – home behavior management evaluations and sessions

  • Individual treatment program design, development/planning and monitoring


Community Outreach

Our team is delighted to offer community seminars in the Kingwood, Humble and Atascocita areas. 

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Learning in child's natural environment enhances skill development and makes learning fun!


NET is a scientifically-proven approach to teaching that facilitates functional learning. Our clinic setting is a 3,700 square foot home featuring a large backyard and covered patio for outdoor activities. This “home” setting gives us the opportunity to work on skills that a clinic cannot provide.


Our home-like environment facilitates younger clients to effectively learn:

  • Play skills

  • Eating skills 

  • Potty training

Older clients have the opportunity work on life skills like:

  • Doing laundry

  • Making a meal

  • Baking

  • Checking the mailbox

  • Cleaning up


NET allows teaching to be more individualized for the learner and works on skills in a way that matches their own home environment. This helps skills transfer more easily to settings other than our clinic. In addition, the child’s motivation to work on these skills remains high because we can present it in a way that is fun for him/her.

Continued ABA training for Parents & Caregivers

We understand the importance for continued parent support, and the need for parents to connect with other parents with children on the spectrum. 


As a Chase Behavior Solutions parent, you'll have the opportunity to participate in regular caregiver trainings and meet other parents who can relate to your unique challenges.


Learn what you can do to support your child at home at our weekly parent trainings. We encourage parents to meet directly with your child’s BCBA once a week to discuss your child's progress, current programs, and more. 

Additionally, we are proud to offer training workshops and seminars tailored to professionals, clinicians and caregivers. Contact us for more information.

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Every child is unique and deserves a tailored program that supports their learning style. At Chase Behavior Solutions, we celebrate each client as individuals, and strive to help them reach their full potential.

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